Do Hohenberger wallpapers contain harmful substances?

No, of course! Our wallpapers are characterized by the fact that they are completely free of harmful substances, i.e. they are manufactured without PVC, solvents and plasticizers. This not only protects the environment, but is also a real plus for your health! Because they contain no PVC, Hohenberger wallpapers can easily be returned to the ecological and economic cycle.

Why are Hohenberger wallpapers healthy living and sustainable?

Our paints are environmentally friendly and not harmful to health as they’re solvent-free and water-based. We use eco-foam which is free from PVC, chlorine, CFC and solvents. Our products are 100% recyclable and can be returned to the ecological and economic cycle.
Flock, glass beads and granite for refining our wallpapers are all made from European, sometimes even from regional raw materials in order to avoid long transport routes.
Energy-ef cient and resource-saving production is common practice with us. We only use paper from certified sources for manufacturing our high-quality wallpapers.

Where are Hohenberger wallpapers produced?

Our wallpapers are manufactured exclusively at the Hohenberg an der Eger site to the very highest quality. Individually and sustainably. Always by hand and with great attention to detail.

What are the benefits of non-woven wallpapers?

Non-woven wallpapers are sheets made of cellulose and textile fibres. They are...
  • air- and vapour-permeable, allow the wall to breathe, provide a healthy indoor climate
  • quick and easy to apply - it’s the wall and not the wallpaper that’s pasted i.e. no soaking
    time, no wallpapering table necessary, no complicated folding of pasted wallpaper
  • particularly accurate in terms of dimensions, stable in shape & tear-resistant (lateral strain
    in wet state < 0.3%). This makes them easy to work with. Any unevenness and small cracks
    in the wall are concealed.
  • flame-resistant
  • easy to remove
  • highly light-resistant
  • water-resistant or even washable

How do I calculate how much wallpaper I need?

Please use our calculatior which is displayed on every site. Simply type in length and height of the wall you are planning to paper! The calculated quantity of rolls is an approx. figure.

What tools do I need for wallpapering?

•    paste roller
•    wallpaperig brush
•    wallpaper pressing roller
•    wallpaper tear-off ruler
•    mechanic's level
•    folding rule
•    cutter, pencil, brush, cloth

Please have a look at our accessories. We also have detailed wallpapering instructions.

How do you remove old wallpaper from the wall?

Our non-woven wallpapers are easy to remove. If there are any problems, you will need the following tools:

•    a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent
•    scraping tool
•    palette-knife

Does the substrate have to be treated?

The right wallpaper substrate is essential for wallpapering non-woven wallpaper. Therefore you an use our paint substrate Pro 150. The primer gives the wall a uniformly colored background. In this way, the primer evens out differences in color tone and the wallpaper can also be removed more easily later on. The primer also serves to solidify highly absorbent, old, porous substrates.

Can you combine Hohenberger wallpapers with wall paints?

Of course! Our 25 fine paints captivate with their chalky matte finish and in this way make every wall particularly elegant and high-quality. They match our murals and wallpapers perfectly.

I can't decide for a wallpaper, what can I do?

If you can't decide, please try our room planner. Browse through the range in a relaxed manner, select the ambience of your choice (e.g. floor or color of the sofa), project your desired wallpaper onto the wall and add it to the shopping cart.

In addition, all of our wallpapers can be ordered as DIN A4 samples. They can be selected on the product page. Please contact us if you would like a larger sample.

Who can help me with questions?

Feel free to contact our customer service

  • by phone from monday til friday 08:00 am - 16:00 pm on +49 (0)9233/ 71401 0 or
  • by mail on info@hohenberger-wallcoverings.com
  • via contact
  • or use our chat online (monday til friday 08:00 am to 16:00 pm)

Can I return my ordered wallpapers?

Yes, our wallpapers can be returned within the statutory withdrawal period. The prerequisite is that the rolls are in the original packaging (still sealed) and have not been damaged. Return shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Please use our withdrawal form.