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Energy-efficient production:

we are committed to saving energy. Our goal is to minimize the impact on the environment, and at the same time, produce our products with the maximum possible energy efficiency.

Resource-saving production:

But we won’t settle for energy savings alone. We also save other resources wherever possible. Our methodically planned production processes are designed with high efficiency and resource savings in mind. We regularly scrutinise these processes while our production undergoes continual improvement

Paper from sustainable forestry:

For our high-quality wallpaper we only use paper from FSC® C004120 certified supply sources, which guarantees sustainable forest management.

Economical is also sustainable:

Hohenberger wallpapers impress with their outstanding appearance and their exceptionally high quality. This longevity is economical and therefore sustainable.

Ecology and recyclability:

And if you feel like a change of scenery? No problem! Hohenberger wallpaper is, by definition, ecologically and economically ‘best in class’ and can simply be recycled. And not forgetting – PVC, practically impossible to recycle, or at best only with high costs and effort, is not something one will ever find in our wallpapers.

100% PVC free

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100% PVC free – 100% healthy living environment:

100% PVC free Hohenberger wallpapers ensure that the air is not polluted. A healthy home is guaranteed!

Wallpaper without PVC – it works!

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride – it’s a very durable plastic often used in the production of wallpaper, due to the ease with which it can be processed. One of the problems with PVC are the softening agents it contains, which are also suspected to be a health hazard. Suspicious or not – we at Hohenberger prefer to simply produce our wallpaper completely without PVC. Our color and coating systems are essentially water-based, guaranteeing a 100% healthy living environment.

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