makes interior design more sustainable

COLORNETWORK is a network of well-known manufacturers committed to making interior design more sustainable. Every year, an independent, high-profile and changing panel of experts made up of interior designers, product designers and trend experts chooses a "Sustained Colour" - a colour that is timeless and can be recombined again and again.

Perfectly coordinated

The COLORNETWORKⓇ provides architects and planners with perfectly colour-coordinated materials, wallpapers, chairs, tables, luminaires, light switches and much more. Even after years, the interior can always reinvent itself in a new and contemporary way through new combinations with the selected "Sustained Color". The interior design remains beautiful and valuable.

Let’s create lasting values together

Hohenberger is happy to be a member of the COLORNETWORKⓇ because we highly value the idea of "Sustained Colors". Plan with us, the partners and colours of the COLORNETWORKⓇ and let us create lasting values in interior design together./p>

Sustained Colors and our products

Sustained Color: be rooted! No. 1
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Sustained Color: Feel Jade! No. 5

Sustained Color: Dive Deep! No. 6

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