Wallpapers - as important for the interior as salt is for the soup!

A world without salt is hard to imagine. A lot of things would taste pretty bland and boring. Salt is irreplaceable! Wallpaper is just as essential for an individual living ambience. It transforms dreary rooms into oases of well-being - with immediate effect and without much effort.

Nature - the best designer

The new Hohenberger collection SALT is inspired by nature, materials were collected in and around Hohenberg and used in the designs. Because for us, sustainability doesn't just start with production, but is lived from the first idea to the finished wallpaper! SALT inspires with its natural colours and shapes, which are refined with a silky sheen, matt structures and real glass beads.

Holistic room concepts become possible

Hohenberger offers a holistic room concept to match the new SALT collection. Wallpapers, wall colours and fine woollen fabrics can be wonderfully combined with each other.

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Salt Impressions