Great Kids

Lifestyle in the kids’ room

A lamb with a kissing mouth. An astronaut reaching for the stars. And a friendly fox that would never steal a chicken. Plus cheerful polka dots, stripes and hearts. All in soft, trendy colours. That's Great Kids, the new wallpaper collection from Hohenberger, designed to appeal to children just as much as their lifestyle-oriented mums and dads. And that’s not just a phase.  

Typical girl, typical boy? Not at all!

The Great Kids collection by Hohenberger was created in collaboration with the Berlin designer Jenny Pilz, who has been designing high-end wallpaper collections across the world for 20 years. Because there was no wallpaper that she wanted to use on her own children’s room on the market, she got creative herself: “Your average children’s wallpaper shows motifs from films and TV series. That just didn’t appeal to my sense of aesthetic.” When designing her first children's collection, Jenny deliberately dispensed with the typical division between girls' and boys' wallpapers and created enchanting motifs in five colour moods - homely, harmonious and anything but loud. This makes the designs perfect for combining with each other. A stripe in the brush stroke suits the cute fox just as well as hearts suit the mini sheep. The colour harmony is just perfect!

Healthy living in your children’s room

It's important everywhere, but especially in children's rooms. Hohenberger wallpapers are free of PVC, plasticisers and solvents meaning they are guaranteed not to emit any harmful substances. 

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