Gräflich Münster'sche Manufaktur

Artistic murals interpreted in a modern way

The works of the Gräflich Münster‘sche Manufaktur are based on diverse inspirations. From classical art and modern culture, from flora and fauna and life itself, each wallpaper mural tells its very own story – sometimes tongue-in-cheek, often with historical and humorous allusions.

Unique like every property

As the Gräflich Münster‘sche Manufaktur for Hohenberger, we inspire private individuals as well as leading interior designers – in Germany and all over the world – with our broad and lively colour spectrum and our reliably high quality. The aesthetics of our murals make every room unique.

A duo who knows wallpaper

The Gräflich Münster‘sche Manufaktur designs individual and high-quality wallpapers for exclusive living spaces. Hohenberger has always known how to make these a reality. What both companies have in common is the claim to offer wallpapers that are not only beautiful, but also healthy and sustainable.

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Gräflich Münster'sche Manufaktur impressions