Responsibility & healthy living

Ecology and sustainability

Energy-efficient production

We're big on saving energy. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, so we manufacture our products with maximum energy efficiency.

Economical is also sustainable

Hohenberger wallpapers look fantastic and are top quality. They're also very durable, which makes them both economical and sustainable.

Resource-saving production

But we're not satisfied with just saving energy. We also reduce our consumption of materials wherever where we can. Our production processes are resource-efficient largely because they're planned and controlled with a high degree of efficiency. We're constantly analysing and improving our production processes.

Ecology and recyclability

What if you need a change of wallpaper? No problem! Hohenberger wallpapers can easily be returned to the ecological and economic cycle. Most importantly, they contain no PVC, which is virtually impossible to recycle, or only at great expense.

PVC-free for healthy living

PVC-free wallpaper - it can be done!

100% PVC-free Hohenberger wallpapers will not affect the air in the room. So a healthy living environment is guaranteed! PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride - a very durable plastic that's widely used in the production of wallpapers, mainly because it's easy to process.
One of the problems with PVC is the plasticisers it contains, as they're suspected of being harmful to health. We take no risks - at Hohenberger we simply produce all our wallpapers without any PVC whatsoever. Our paint and coating systems are always water-based, so they guarantee 100% healthy living.