Slow Living

It has a Scandinavian air to it, and a bit of a Japanese touch too. At any rate, it is very bright and uncluttered. Simply beautiful. That’s SLOW LIVING.

The trend towards deceleration

When designing SLOW LIVING, the wallpaper makers were inspired by a movement focused not only on living but on all areas of our lives: the trend towards deceleration, and towards more authenticity, awareness and clarity.

A whole new awareness

Only things that are beautiful – and especially those that truly mean something – may stay. This isn’t minimalism, but rather a whole new awareness of ownership.

Handcrafted and genuine materials

Handcrafted and genuine materials play an important role in this new lifestyle. And in the SLOW LIVING wallcoverings. The colours, the patterns, the materials – everything supports today’s popular feel-good trend. SLOW LIVING impresses with its clear patterns and motifs inspired by nature – all in soft pastel shades, top quality, sustainable and produced without PVC.
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