Opulent, naturally!

Restraint is a thing of the past: after years of simplicity, a little more extravagance is the order of the day once more. A little more home comfort. A touch more ornamentation and decoration in – and on – your own four walls. Not overly pompous. Yet still atmospheric.

Looks good, feels good

Creating a new kind of ambiance supported perfectly by the ADONEA collection of the Hohenberger wallpaper manufactory. ADONEA is naturally opulent and translates natural colours – fire, water, earth – into small fine patterns as well as large Greek-inspired ornaments. The wallpaper also boasts gold, brass and bronze accents. Foam ornaments, glitter and glass beads ensure that the wall coverings not only look great, but also feel good.

Good to combine

You’ll have to decide for yourself just how far you want ADONEA’s naturally opulent ambiance to go. Six designs in multiple colour moods can be used individually or combined into an extravagant whole.  

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Adonea impressions