Noble fabrics, beautiful walls, beloved home

Soft pillows, fluffy blankets, noble tablecloths, transparent curtains and elegant bed linen - what would our home be without fine textiles? They turn a simple apartment into a beloved home. Soft or firm, smooth or textured, shiny or matte - like hardly any other material, fabrics are design elements and symbols of cosiness, opulence, sensuality and luxury.

Unique structures, textile designs

With the PRECIOUS collection, Hohenberger brings the textile feel of fine fabrics to the wall. Wallpaper designs like chiffon, cord, brocade and canvas, satin and jacquard not only look textile and even feel a little bit like it. One may recognize the structure of the weave and the course of the thread, a drape or finely woven gold threads. This is due to a sophisticated combination of different levels and the use of exclusive materials. Real glass beads, foam structures and gloss effects make it noble and very luxurious.  

The Hohenberger Promise

What characterizes all Hohenberger wallpapers also applies to PRECIOUS: The high-quality wallcoverings are healthy for living and exclusively produced in Germany without PVC, plasticizers and solvents.

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Precious impressions