Autumn and winter on the walls

In autumn, nature is always felt very special somehow. The light is more golden, the leaves are more colorful, the wind blows more stormy. Animals and plants prepare for winter. And also the people move back into their houses. Where it is warm and cozy. For all those who love autumnal and wintry colors in their own four walls,too, the Hohenberger Manufaktur für Tapeten presents the new wallpaper collection DIVINO.

Stony, earthy, woody, in one place or another a little stardust adorns the surface and real glass beads look like rich dewdrops on which the sun shines in the morning - DIVINO is inspired by shapes and colors, by ideas and ideals that only nature can produce. So autumn and winter take an atmospheric place on the wallpaper and on the wall.

There is soul and passion in every design

The ancient Romans were sure that so much beauty in the natural models that surround us everywhere could not be made by human hands. They saw nature as animated by gods who express themselves in every flower, tree and stone.

DIVINO also shows so much more than a colorful pattern. In every design there is the very special passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail of our designers when they conceive, develop and perfect a wallpaper. The results are wonderful wallcoverings that play with materials and effects. Sand and metallic, glitter and glass beads, foam and relief colors make DIVINO not only a visual but also a haptic experience. A supernatural one? Everyone may decide for themselves!

Sustainable and healthy living

Like all our wallpapers, the DIVINO collection is manufactured exclusively in Germany. We do not use PVC, plasticizers and solvents and thus guarantee 100% healthy living. The absence of dubious ingredients in the wallpaper avoids foul odors and evaporation. The breathability of the wall is preserved. Mold growth and fogging is prevented.

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