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Nature mural with lizard



Size: 270cm Height x 350cm Width
Product number: 26999-HTM
Mural €624.95
Samples DIN A4 €1.99
Larger samples available upon request:+49 (0) 9233 71401-0
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Made in Germany
100% PVC free
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Nature mural with lizard

Do you like searching games? Then this motif is just the thing for you! On an imposing size of 2.70 x 3.50 m, the designers of Gräflich Münster'schen Manufaktur have hidden one of the most agile reptiles from our latitudes. An eye-catcher for children too! The design and colour scheme of this motif is modern, discreet and easy to combine with plain wallpapers.

The style is reminiscent of a wood engraving. Thanks to its hatching and focus on the essentials, it looks so modern. But you will be amazed: Theo van Hoytema (1863–1917) painted the picture over 100 years ago. It is rather unusual for the entire oeuvre of the Dutch artist. His main subjects were birds. He celebrated his first successes with his picture book Hoe de Vogels aan een koning kwamen (How the birds came to a king). He created illustrations for an edition of the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. His bird calendars were very popular.

The reptile mural with meadow - our green hidden object wallpaper

Nimble, well camouflaged and barely visible. Lizards like to hide from our eyes. In this picture, too, the little creature is barely noticeable at first. This is due to its green-gray color. An emerald lizard has made itself comfortable on a stone at the edge of a meadow. Like all reptiles, lizards are cold-blooded.

They need the sun to warm their bodies up. They prefer to do this on rocks and large stones, which store heat well. They don't like it cold at all. That is why they are more at home in the south. They can also be found on well-lit slopes (for example in vineyards).

Bring that sun-warm piece of earth into your home! The wallpapers from the House of Hohenberger present themselves healthy and natural, with the always surprising creations of the Graeflich Münster’sche Manufaktur. As with many other highlights, we forego the use of PVC for this natural mural, which could only be recycled with a great deal of effort. We live sustainability in all production steps.

Design rights: Wolfsee U.G, Mrs. Clarissa Dreier

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CollectionGräflich Münster'sche Manufaktur Colorcolorful, green Haptic & effectShine & mica MaterialNon-woven RoomBathroom, Bedroom , Dining room, Hallway, Living room StyleFlowers & Nature Roll width 70 cm Panels 5 Size 270 x 350cm Approach straight
Healthy living guaranteed

For our high-quality wallpapers, we only use paper from FSC® C004120 certified sources which guarantee exemplary forest management. Our colours are water based and free of PVC to guarantee a healthy atmosphere at your home. All our wallcoverings can easily be returned to the ecological and economic cycle.

Product features
  • completely strippable when dry
  • easy wallpapering
  • highly light-resistant
  • mirrorable
  • washable
Quality features
Made in Germany
100 % free of PVC, solvents and softeners
Sustainable production
Certified according to FSC® C004120 standard
Our wallpapers can be returned within the statutory withdrawal period. The prerequisite is that the rolls are in the original packaging (still sealed) and have not been damaged. Return shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Please use our withdrawal form.